Light Nelson developed from an idea by local photographer John-Paul Pochin and engineering friend "Tutty". The concept stemmed from their collaboration and the knowledge that by using their diverse but complimentary skills, backgrounds and ideas they could produce works that neither could have accomplished alone.

A small group of diverse but like-minded people with a wide range of skills and backgrounds came together in 2012 to form the Light Nelson Collective.

Through the Collective, in 2013 The Light Nelson Trust was established to facilitate the first Light Nelson Event later that year. The Trust was formed from several members of the original collective (John-Paul Pochin, Anne Rush, Frances McElhinney and Jo Kinross) who also brought in people from our community with specific skills that would help fulfil the objectives of the Trust (Brian Riley, Bronwyn Monopoli, Charlotte Reith and Caroline Marshall).

Following the success of four events in 2013 and 2014, 2016 and 2018 the Trust and the Event took a different path and were renamed Te Ramaroa.

Light Nelson continues to be driven from the collective focusing on bringing people together to developing new projects. The Collective aims to foster a collaborative environment where people can freely share ideas and skills. By working together we can achieve more than we can individually, we open up new opportunities and we head down paths that we may not have been apparent had we worked in isolation.

The Collective does not have a set structure, it's open to anybody who wishes to get involved and contribute (we believe everybody has something to contribute). The Collective doesn't receive any external funding, it is reliant on the good will of the people involved. We are accountable only to ourselves, not to any organisation, business or Council.

Education is a big part of Light Nelson. The Collective offers an ongoing non competitive environment in which people can develop skills and/or pass on skills to others.

We aim to make the Light Nelson reflect the diversity, the community spirit, the artistic talents and the ingenuity of the people of Nelson. We believe that everybody in this city has something to offer.

first meeting

The first 'official' Light Nelson Collective Meeting, July 2012